Annual Return

Annual Return

Annual Return is filing Form 15 an annual report delivered to the Registrar by the company at least once a year. The First Annual Return should be delivered after 18 months from the Date of Incorporation. Then the Company should deliver the Annual Report each year. There is a specific Structure to create the Report.
The Company has to hold an Annual General Meeting, minimum which is 14 days prior to the Annual Return Date.


Statutory Costs

Form 15 Rs.6,000
Certified Copy of Form 15 Rs.1,010
(Statutory Fee + VAT) Total = Rs.8,060

Extra Services

Notice of the Annual General Meeting with the Agenda Free of Charge
Minutes of the Annual General Meeting Free of Charge

E-Secretary Costs

Documentation Rs.5,500
Transport Rs.2,000
Total Rs.7,500


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